Condolence & Memory Journal

Walt's Ribs
Work Cookout June 15, 2005
DSCR Richmond, Va.

Posted by Mel Reames - Prince George, VA - Coworker   December 07, 2017

I met Walt in Germany in 1967 while both of us were serving in the U.S. Army. We developed a very special friendship that lasted more than 50 years and I was blessed that Walt was in my life for so long. His family became my family and we all share many wonderful memories of our times together. Walt's parents, his siblings, his children, and even some of his friends, now occupy a special place in my heart. We spent so many wonderful times together enjoying all the things we liked to do. We all loved music and spent a lot of time playing guitars, piano, harmonicas and whatever else we could play. His brothers, sister, wife, and children were all fasntastic singers and could more than match many of today's professional singers. I will forever cherish the memories of the activities we all participated in: playing music, fishing, singing, fishing, cooking, fishing, playing games, fishing, watching sports, fishing, hunting, fishing, and doing other things plus fishing. Walt was the best friend I ever had and I love him and will miss him more than I can ever say. Until then my friend.

Posted by David Huntley - Toms River, NJ - Friend   December 03, 2017