Condolence & Memory Journal

Roger was a Sig Tau brother of mine at PSU. Unfortunately I just learned of his passing. I remember Roger as a fun loving, kind guy who had a great sense of humor. Very like able, very outgoing.

Posted by Jamir Britton - Gettysburg, PA - Brother   June 27, 2020

Roger, From down here looking up, I think, I don't know why it was you and not me or any one of us. It doesn't seem fair. But I'm sure wherever you are that you were meant to be there and you are ok and that is comforting to me. We all miss you down here and are left trying to figure it out. Stay with us. Show us how. I never got to say this to you so I'll tell you here. You were one of my best friends when I was a kid growing up in Upstate NY - even though, technically, you were always on my brother, Dave's, team when Jerry and I would take you and he on in wiffle ball or in other games. It was always such a privilege to be invited to your house and so enjoyable as you always liked to do so many different fun things! I loved playing Matchboxes and Hot Wheels with you (on the red shag? carpet in the Link household, perhaps?). Your favorite car was a BMW. I didn't even know what that was and always thought you were "advanced" car person as a kid for knowing that and teaching me about it. Maybe the first time I played Marco Polo was in your above ground pool. That pool was so fun. I also enjoyed hiding in your hedges and trees behind the pool which backed up to Hwy. 104. I remember we found a praying mantis - the first one I had ever seen - on a leaf on a tree back there. Ah, I have so many fond memories at your house outside playing. I was not fond of Gus chewing my Philadelphia Eagles knit hat, however. I could've lived without that. Without you though, my childhood would not have been as colorful, rich exciting or as fun. I'll never forget sleeping over your house. We stayed up late! Didn't you have a fish tank or something in your room that gurgled or bubbled every now and then? I do remember your wonderful laugh and smile. It was a gift. You were such a neat kid, neighbor, friend and blessing to this Earth. I am grateful for having known you. Thank you for making a difference in my life. I love you. And I miss you. ; )

Posted by Scott Bacher - Denver, CO - Family Friend   September 21, 2019

I am very loss for your loss. Roger was a nice guy with a great laugh and smile. I will always remember that about him. Wishing you all the best.

Posted by Jim Counoupas - Midlothian, VA - Friend   September 09, 2019

I was friends with Roger and Jerry growing up, and Roger was always nice to me as an older kid, willing to help me in baseball, he let me ride his Honda R80 dirt bike and was always a really nice guy. Despite not keeping in touch I think about the found memories of growing up and his big smile, and he even helped Jerry and I crack our first Beer ever, a warm can of his Dad's beer in the family room before anyone would notice, a chug of sorts. Shine down on us old Friend! Dan Goslee, Fairfax Station VA

Posted by Dan Goslee - Rochester, NY - Friend   September 05, 2019

I knew Roger at Progressive Design as a co-worker. He was a fantastic engineer. He was as good an engineer as any I have known. I also knew Roger to be a good, kind person. He often talked about his dogs and taking them out swimming and other activities.
I am so very sorry for his family's great loss.

Posted by Buck Wooten - Moseley, VA - Coworker   September 05, 2019

Roger was our neighbor growing up. Sending you all love and prayers . May Roger Rest In Peace .

Posted by Christine Goslee Strzepek - Charlotte, NC - Family Friend   September 05, 2019

I got to know Roger as an associate at Progressive Design and worked with him on many Projects. I greatly respected him both as a co-worker and friend. He was a good man and I will miss him greatly. Rest well Roger.

Posted by Gary Floyd - Lyndhurst, VA   September 04, 2019