Condolence & Memory Journal

Duke and I were next door neighbors and best friends when we both moved to Warminster in 1963. We played baseball, rode bicycles, traded baseball cards, and played board games all through the summer months. In other seasons, we would sled, build snow forts, and play football together. It was an adventurous time in our lives between ages 8 to 12. I saw Duke on Labor Day weekend, 2019 and we talked for quite awhile about the neighborhood and our mutual friends growing up in the neighborhood. I will miss Duke and all of our childhood memories.

Posted by Tom McLauchlan - Fremont, CA - Neighbor   July 08, 2021

Frank, you were on of a kind!!! Thank you for always making sure your paperwork was correct :-)
You will be missed dearly. Rest easy my friend

Posted by Kim Garrity - Rockledge, PA - Coworker   July 06, 2021

The summer of 67 I believe. Dukes dad had a convertible Impala. He had business in Washington DC. Took Duke and three of his friends with him. Duke, Kevin,John and me. Never forget that trip. Had not seen Duke for some time but ran into him At Lafferty. When he came around the corner I swore I saw his dad walking toward me. Sorry we didn't get together following that meet.

Posted by Richard Mercadante - Jamison, PA - Friend   July 05, 2021

My fondest memory of Duke was hanging out in his apartment on York Hatboro and listening to Al Stewart's Past Present and Future. Duke was also a damn good pool player. I looked him up about 4 years ago on a return visit to the area. We got to talk and catch up. So glad I was able to do that. Duke was a nice guy who will be missed.

Posted by Ed Morehouse - Deland, FL - Friend   July 05, 2021

Fifty-eight years ago, we met our new "royal" Cheryl Drive neighbors. They were the O'Neill family - Pat, two "Dukes" and "Dutchess" (their lovely black and white cat). The years flew by, but we're still neighbors. Duke was always there to give us a warm greeting and a hearty wave across the way. On snowy days, he was there to help clear our walkway and share his ice melt salt. If we complimented him on his lawn, garden or home, he would always give the credit to Ellen. Ellen, we will miss him dearly.

Posted by Isabel and Marion McLauchlan - Warminster, PA - neighbor   July 04, 2021

God speed Frank! We never got to use our rain check for Five Ponds. I'll always think of you when I'm out on the golf course. Things will never be the same at the dealership. God bless

Posted by Jimmy Molloy - Lansdale, PA - Coworker   July 01, 2021

Ellen, you know how much we loved Duke. This is a huge loss. I will miss him greeting me with his smile and Hey Kiddo. We have so many fond memories with Duke. I remember his Blue Chevrolet with white racer stripes growing up next door. Loving, healing energy being sent to you during this difficult, transitioning time. Live you!

Posted by Mary Ann McDonald McDonald - Largo, FL - Friend   July 01, 2021

RIP neighbor, I still look outside expecting to see you cutting your grass or getting out of your car with that cheap case of Genny Creme Ale. In short time we knew you,you were a great neighbor and gentleman.
Like the saying goes, Only the good die young.

Posted by Bob, Susan and Bella Boyden - Warminster, PA - Neighbor   July 01, 2021